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Cleaning with dry ice is significantly faster and easier than with conventional methods of cleaning, it also cleans without water. However, there is a problem when trying to adopt this excellent cleaning strategy. Traditionally dry ice blasting machines are very heavy, very loud, and very expensive to purchase and operate.​


Dry Ice Energy has solved this problem. Using innovation, German engineering and a patented design Dry Ice Energy has developed and delivered uniquely handy cleaning machines. Finally making the advantages of dry ice cleaning easy to use and uncomplicated.​ Dry Ice Energy Ireland have partnered with the German parent company Dry Ice Energy to bring this incredible dry ice cleaning technology to the island of Ireland and the UK.


What we Offer 


Dry Ice Energy Ireland offers affordable access to a state-of-the-art dry ice cleaning technology

Cleaning with dry ice is not a new technology, however due to the costs involved with the traditional methods and machines used, this cleaning process has so far only been utilised by industry.

By means of the innovative Dry Ice Energy cleaning machines, Dry Ice Energy Ireland has finally made this an attractive technology for manufacturing businesses, workshops, car cleaning companies and car dealers.

We also offer dry ice cleaning and detailing services from our Dry Ice Energy Ireland HQ located at UNIT 11D, Newgrange Business Park, Donore Rd, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 EA27, Ireland


The Dry Ice Energy cleaning machine is perfectly suited for multiple inudstries

These include:

- Automotive detailing
- Automotive restoration
- Mold cleaning
- Electrical components maintenance

- Pharmaceutical engineering cleaning & de-burring of medical devices 


The automotive industry has seen exponential adoption of dry ice cleaning in recent times as dry ice cleaning provides a solution for tasks which were previously impossible or could only be accomplished while taking up a great deal of time. This method not only removes chewing gum residue and grease stains, it can also clean dashboards and inside engines immaculately. 

Before and after cleaning a BMW engine with our Dry Ice Energy machine. 

Other industries are now also adopting dry ice cleaning technology in growing numbers. Industrial applications such as injection mould cleaning and plastic deburring being most effective. Dry ice cleaning is effective on polymers plastics including Kydex T, and Boltoran. It also offers sterilisation properties in the food industry and eliminates the necessity for chemical solvents and dissolving agents.


Product benefits:

  • Cleaning requires no water and no chemicals
  • Powered by compressed air
  • Easy to handle with low dry ice consumption 
  • Lightweight and compact in size, the Vario machine for example weighs just 13kg with a footprint of a large domestic hoover
  • Flexible dry ice supply.


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Dry Ice Energy Ireland
UNIT 11D, Newgrange Business Park, Donore Rd, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 EA27, Ireland
Phone number: +353 41 214 6936
Email: info@dryiceenergy.ie
Main contact: Peter Monahan
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Dry Ice Energy Ireland Ltd

UNIT 11D, Newgrange Business Park, Donore Rd, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 EA27, Ireland

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