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The dry ice blasting device Champ Turbo PRO represents a new level of performance in the compact class. With our specially developed dosing system, both power and mini dry ice pellets can be used. Using the integrated pressure regulator, the cleaning pressure can be adjusted flexibly and quickly to a wide range of surface requirements.


The Champ Turbo PRO can be used across all industries – from car cleaning, the plastics industry and machine maintenance the Champ Turbo PRO used powerfully. The machine can be used with an incredible blasting pressure of up to 14 bar and weighs only approx. 24 kg - unique in this performance class. This makes the machine incredibly light and flexible for use in different locations and yet incredibly powerful.


The advantages of dry ice cleaning has never been so powerful or easy to use: no water, no chemicals, no electricity - that's what we call Clean Cool Clever. to purchase a machine from our collection contact us 


Product focus - Champ Turbo

Dry Ice Energy Ireland's 'Champ Turbo' is the worlds most compact dry ice blasting machine. Weighing in at just 17kg is not only significantly more lightweight than the competition but ultra compact as well.

The patented dry ice blasting technology is revolusinionisng the way large industries perform regular cleaning schedules and maintenaince of their product lines and machinery. Using a smaller and more delicate 1.7mm dry ice pellet, the champ turbo is primed for use on more intrcate and delicate components and surface materials.

Due to its compact and streamlined design, technichians can now clean componentary and equipment in situe which was previously impossible due to poor access and limited space. By doing so dissembly of machinery is sometimes uncessary which, in turn drastically reducing machine downtime, and accelerating productivity during cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

By harnessing the physical properties of frozen C02 as gas, mitigating against moisture and residue build is no longer a factor. Eliminating the necessity for solvent and chemical agents, which due to their moisture and content and toxic nature which could potentially damage components, such as electrical switchboards, synthetic fabric and the lighter more delicate plastic materials.

Traditional methods increase downtime are most instances much more complicated and raise the risk of damage from moisture and staining while cleaning with liquid cleaning agents.  

Larger industrial businesses are fast migrating to our inovative cleanign system utlising DIEI dry ice patented dry ice blasting technology and are enjoying the many advantages the Champ Turbo offers.

For a listed of benefits see the section below. For further information please contact us directly a Dry Ice Energy representive will call you back today.




  • Reduces time - in some cases by over 500%
  • Reduces costs - saves man hours and reduces dry ice (C02) cosumption
  • No chemicals or solvants required unlike chemical based cleaning agents
  • Sterilises surface/material - dry ice is -73 degrees on contact with material surface killing most bacteria
  • Safe for use on electrical components - no moisture, gas will not damage circuitary or leave moisture in recesses. Compressed air dispells hard to reach dust and debris which build up over time which may effect circuitrity if it remains in situ.
  • Safe for use on phneumatic components - dry ice is non corrosive and is gentle on surfaces, including plastic cladding and seat covers.
  • The 'Champ turbo' uses compressed air only and does not require electricity and increasing safety and reducing the risk of electric shock or conduction.
  • Size and weight is now a mere 17kg making it highly manouverable and easy for one person to move and lift.
  • The dry ice is moisture free and leaves zero residue - dry ice is frozen C02 and not water. When it evaporates its returns to a gas state and re enters the atmosphere.
  • Safe to use on synthetic farbics and rubber.
  • ISO Certification

For further information or to purchase this machine please contact us directly a Dry Ice Energy representative will call you back today. 

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