Aluminium Polishing



Our Dry Ice Energy cleaning machines are ideally suited for the removal of waxes or residue build from moulds. This is especially the case in the production of medical devices and medical instruments.

The video below is a brief example of the capabilities of our dry ice blasting system. In the clip the dry ice blasting is undertaken by our Champ Turbo unit. It removes the contaminants from the surface in a matter of seconds, leaving a clean polished surface.

This type of cleaning would take significantly longer using conventional cleaning methods, and require a more hands on and labour intensive approach.



Machine down-time is reduced, and labour time is gained as cleaning time is lowered. Productivity is increased and cleaning result are improved.

To book a demonstration contact us now, or complete the 'book a demonstration' form and we will call you back to arrange an onsite demo.

For more Chamo Turbo clenaing videos please visit our Dry Ice Energy Youtube channel, or if you would prefer to speak to a Dry Ice Energy Ireland representative directly call us now on the phone number provided in the 'contact us' page of the website.


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Will the Dry Ice Energy dry ice machine remove heavy oxidation from Aluminium surfaces?

No, dry is not designed to remove heavy oxidation.

What can it remove?

It can remove, light dirt, grime, greese, and/or wax residue picked while in service on the production line.


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