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The automotive industry has seen exponential adoption of dry ice cleaning in recent times. Car detailers and car restoration companies now realise that dry ice cleaning provides a solution for tasks which were previously impossible or could only be accomplished while taking up a great deal of time. Our Dry Ice Energy machines are a car detailers dream tool. Not only can it clean the more common and most difficult locations in less time, it can do so without the need for water, steam and chemical cleaning solutions. This eradicates the risks associated with using water such as moisture damage to electrical components. It also removes the risk of causing damp on fabric and cloth interiors.



There are many advantages to using Dry Ice Energy when cleaning your car.


Dry Ice Is Perfect For Cleaning In Situ.


 This mean's no disassembly saving time and effort.


Rust Removal


Dry ice cleaning can remove surface level rust and prepares surfaces perfectly for repainting.


No Water No Chemicals

Dry ice cleaning requires no water and no chemicals. This means there is no moisture so there is no risk of damaging electrics. No chemicals means the process is far more environmentally friendly.


A New Lease Of Life

Dry Ice cleaning is great for bringing upholstery back to life. Dry ice cleaning is non abrasive with no secondary waste. It is clean cleaning. This means sand and water are not going to get caught in crevices with no mess and less clean up time.


Good In A Sticky Situation

Dry ice cleaning can remove chewing gum residue, chocolate stains, coffee stains and also grease stains. It can also clean dashboards and interiors immaculately  




By choosing Dry Ice Energy, cleaning times are reduced. The cost and consumption of cleaning agents is drastically decreased and It is a proven way to get a superior cleaning finish with less effort.


Dry ice cleaning is also more environmentally friendly as the dry ice used in the cleaning process is carbon neutral. as no water is used when using dry ice there is no risk of contaminated water entering the water system, as is a common occurrence with standard cleaning processes. No water means no risk of damaging  the surrounding water table and environment.


To book in you car for a dry ice detailing please don't hesitate to contact us here 




Dry Ice Cleaning Technique Focus - Wheel Cleaning

When cleaning wheels a lot of care is taken to remove harmful brake dust and grit from the surface of the alloy to prevent scratching the surface. Conventional methods necessitate the use of acids cleaning agents and rinsing with water, followed by hand drying with cloths.

With the dry ice machine, no water is used, no acids, no chemicals, and there is no drying required. Cleaning wheels takes 1/5th of the time and it results in a scratch and residue free finish. Please see our YouTube to see video examples of dry ice cleaning the process and results.






  • Engine bays - no longer use power washers or steam cleaning systems
  • Footwells, pedal boxes and pedals - no water or steam
  • Car seats - excludes leather seats
  • Dashboards
  • Wheels & brake callipers
  • Exterior and interior plastics recesseses
  • Under body and wheel arches



    Disclaimer: The Champ Turbo dry ice blasting machine is most effective on vehicles which follow a regular maintenance schedule. Dirt, dust and grime on well maintained vehicles is superficial and therefore within the capabilities of our Dry Ice Energy machines to remove. If a car has not been cleaned for sometime, due to neglect, we will not guarantee the effectiveness of dry ice cleaning. In these instances it is necessary for the vehicle to be cleaned intially using heavier cleaning methods by a professional valeting company.


    - Before & After Dry Ice Energy Cleaning -


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    Book a dry ice detailing for your car


    Is the dry ice detailing a mobile service ?

    No, all dry ice detailing takes place at the Dry Ice Energy Ireland headquarters. Click on the location tab to see view on Google Maps.

    How much does it cost?

    We charge €200 (ex VAT) per hour for dry ice cleaning as the amount of hours varies with every job we do. Minimum booking is 2 hours.

    The current dry ice cleaning services that we offer are as follows:

    - Engine bay cleaning
    - Interior cleaning
    -   Wheel arch cleaning 
    -  Wheel cleaning 


    A booking deposit of €200 is required. Purchase your booking here 

    Please contact us to make an enquiry and booking. 


    Do I have to book in advance?

    Yes customers must book in advance. Please contact us to do so. 


    Why do I have to book in advance?

    Dry ice is produced in line with demand and we do not stock it at our premises. Each batch of dry ice is produced for each customer. Once produced dry ice will only lasts for 24-48 hours before turning back into Co2 gas depending. 


    How do I book a dry ice detail?

    Call our business number or fill out our contact us form. 


     What do I do if my question is not answered here?

    If your question is not answered in the FAQ section please don't hesitate to contact us using the details provided in the "contact us' section of the website.



    Dry Ice Energy Ireland Limited

    Unit 11D, Newgrange Business Park, Donore Rd, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 EA27, Ireland

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