Champ vario our most powerful dry ice blasting device that adapts variably to your requirements

Our all-rounder for handy and mobile dry ice cleaning in continuous operation.

Dry ice blasting machines from Dry Ice Energy impress with their compact and lightweight design, easy handling and low operating costs – with high cleaning performance. Our patented cleaning machine CHAMP VARIO stands for easy operation and highest cleaning performance in the Dry Ice Energy family. With our specially developed dosing system, both power and mini dry ice pellets can be used. At the same time, the cleaning performance can be variably adapted to your requirements – from gentle to powerful. The CHAMP VARIO combines the best features of our dry ice cleaning machines and sets Standards in terms of flexibility, cleaning performance and efficiency. The compact design, the high degree of flexibility and the low weight of only 13 kg enable universal use for countless people Cleaning requirements.

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€200 Per Month
€200 Per Month
€200 Per Month
€200 Per Month


Our Champ Vario impresses with its extreme flexibility and cleaning performance. Our most powerful dry ice blasting device for demanding use in continuous operation. Use power pellets, mini pellets or dry ice energy abrasive blasting media. This makes it easy to remove extremely stubborn dirt and buildup, as well as paint stripping!

Technical data:

Operating power:

Only compressed air, no electricity needed

Dimensions (L x B x H):

520 x 330 x 360 mm

Net weight:

13 kg

Dry Ice container:

3 Liter

Operating pressure:

2 - 10 bar

Compressed air Connection:

Safety rapid release coupling, 1⁄2 zoll

Dry ice consumption:

4 - 38 kg/h – 5,5 bar blasting pressure (depending on set consumption quantity and used pellet size)

Compressed air consumption:

300 -1500 l/min (depending on blasting pressure and nozzle)

Blasting material:

1,5 - 3mm (0,06 in. - 0,12 in.)Dry Ice Pellets, Dry Ice Energy Abrasive Blasting Agent

Compressed air requirements:

clean, oil-free, dry (pressure dew point < 10°C)


60 - 90 dB (A) (depending on jet nozzle and surface)

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Champ Dry Ice Cleaning

The most compact dry ice cleaning machine, with incredibly low requirements for compressed air supply – don’t believe, we’ll convince you!

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