Injection Moulding




There are huge benefits to using Dry Ice Energy for the cleaning of injection moulds, these include: 

Reduced labour time
          Time to clean mould is reduced in some cases by over 500% !!
Reduced costs
          Dry ice machines reduces man hours and reduces dry ice (Co2) consumption 
No chemicals or solvents
         No chemicals or solvents are required unlike chemical based cleaning agents
Sterilises surfaces and materials
         Dry ice is -73 degrees in temperature when it contact's with material
         surface's killing most bacteria 
Safe for use on electrical components
         Dry ice cleaning means no moisture, dry gas will not damage circuitry or
         leave moisture in recesses. Also the use of compressed air dispels hard
         to reach dust and debris which can build up over time. This dust/debris
         may affect circuitry if it remains in situ.
Safe for use on pneumatic components
          Dry ice is non corrosive and is gentle on surfaces.



Dry Ice Energy machines use compressed air only, they do not require electricity therefore usage increases safety and reduces the risk of electric shock or conduction.

The weight of our machines is as low as 13kg making it highly manoeuvrable and easy for one person to move and operate.

Dry ice is moisture free and leaves zero residue - dry ice is frozen C02 and not water.

 When it evaporates its returns to a gas state and re-enters the atmosphere.

Safe to use on synthetic fabric's and rubber ISO Certification



    Our Dry Ice Energy machines are ideal for cleaning aircraft interiors, such as seats, seat rails, window recesses, and undercarriage compartment's.

    Our machines are small, highly portable and can be brought to site for a demonstration.

    Contact us now to learn more or to book for a demonstration.


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    Unit 11D, Newgrange Business Park, Donore Rd, Lagavooren, Drogheda, Co. Louth, A92 EA27, Ireland


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